Are curved TV’s a dying breed?

12 Apr 2017
by Matt@SHT
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“Fear not the curved TVs are still around”

Samsung and LG are the two main biggest TV makers in the world and for making the curved TV. Sony did have a model but it came and went without a peep.

Samsung have pushed curved TVs in to the selling market in the last couple of years, offering a wide variety at various sizes and prices. However at Samsung’s TV event and LG’s press conference, the curved TV once considered as the upmarket tech for a household may be slowly dying off. This means that they won’t be selling lots of different models, they will just be selling one or two curved models. The curved TV is being quietly moved out of the limelight to make way for newer and better designs in the television history. Samsung are certainly not killing off the curved TV yet, so you can still get yours today! They want to keep it alive as long as possible as they have had a year after year growth in sales since the curved TV has been introduced.

If you are upbeat and funky and not keen on straight lines, then a curved TV takes the traditional flat screen and bends it along a gentle arc.


Market research showed that in the past year among the TVs being sold 55 inches and larger, rose and were actually curved TVs.

  1. A curved TV curves the image slightly forward, and the world you are watching appears to wrap around you drawing you deeper in.
  2. A curved screen can look 3D. This is due to the edges being curved that it brings the image towards you, and enhances the visual perception of depth in what you are watching. Samsung does just this, as they apply depth enhancers to adjust the contrast of different parts of the image to boost the sense of field depth.
  3. Curved makes you feel like you are seeing a wider image than you get with a flat screen.
  4. The way the curve sits adjusts the direction of the light for perfect accuracy if you watch from the side.
  5. They look so cool! They seem to be on a lot of typical household’s TV priority lists!

We think that the curved TV will be around for a long time, and will still be popular, plus it has many benefits, so buy yours today and create a happy home with a perfect viewing!


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