" From start to finish Pravin will always give you his undivided attention and will go above and beyond the call of duty. It is rare to find someone with so many strong qualities. With Pravin's attitude and skill set, he is able to carry out his work with great efficiency and provide
a "wow factor" in anything he does.

Thanks to his vast experience in IT, AV and Automation, Pravin integrated his knowledge and provided us with the ultimate solution to our problems and made suggestions on how our lifestyles can be improved by making the Automation System work for us. "

- Rahul Sharma – Regency CLUB

" I want to be upfront, MD Pravin Garara is close friend, which makes Smarthome Technology even more a choice, than just any company, working with friends is not easy, there are expectations on both sides, Pravin and the team met and exceeded ours.

Firstly, the team, it’s never easy having trades people in your home or business, the team were courteous, polite and appropriate, this was very much consistent throughout the projects, we were happy leaving them to just get on with their work.

Project #1, Meeting Room/s Installations
We have a number of meeting rooms that needed updating and technology was a very important part of the refurbishments. What the install has done is make our meetings more engaging and inclusive. This was in part to Pravin’s independent advice and recommendations, he really put our needs first, even when recommending solutions that were outside his personal interests, we really value his client focused approach.

Project #2, Home Install, Control 4, Lighting, Heating & Audio Visual
This project was a 50/50 install, our electrical contractors did the first fit and Pravin’s team did the technology fit and configuration, they truly Bring Technology to LIFE. After the install there were some issues with switches, Pravin dealt with this matter with no fuss and now we have dated switches, this was not expected.
I can 100% recommend Pravin and the team at Smarthome Technology, although they are a family business with a small team, their dedication to the cause is second to none. "

- Umesh Patel – Bell and Clements Ltd
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